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About Bitztrade

Bitztrade is a platform established for crypto-currency tradeing, Loans and investments. With the aim of generating maximum profit in all investments in order to satisfy investors.


Bitztrade was established with the aim of creating a platform for investing and trading crypto-currency by creating various investment platforms from which investors can invest in any plan of their choice and our experienced investment team trades this investments in Various stock exchange markets and part of the profits being generated is distributed amongst our investors according to the percentage profit earned per investment plan.

The commitment of Bitztrade lies in creating a crypto-currency investment platform that first of all helps join the huge community of possible crypto-currency investors who have not set their foot yet, because of their doubts regarding the risk crypto-currency investment entails. Bitztrade is a customer friendly initiative and is working very hard to turn every user a possible investor.

We also have a fully automated investment platform that is easy to make transactions and possesses multiple investment plans and benefits.


Advanced solution:

Bitztrade believes technology must constantly evolve to make development possible and all things easier, smarter, and more connected than ever before. So we keep upgrading as technology evolves and updating our systems to suit the current need of our investors.

Expert team:

Bitztrade is managed by a team who have extensive experience in cryptocurrency trading and uses flexible strategies to generate maximum profits. A team is best, when it is dedicated and committed to a course. Our team consists of experienced, well trained and qualified crypto-currency experts, who are dedicated and committed in giving our investors the best they deserve.



Over time our company has grown by leaps & bounds to position itself as one of the most promising crypto-currency investment platform in the World. With our continued efforts and focus, Bitztrade will grow into one of the leaders of the high end Crypto-currency market in the near future. Bitztrade is a registered, recognized, and well established platform.

Bitztrade Affiliate System

All users can easily promote our website to friends,family and colleagues to earn 5% referral commission for every referral. All users can easily track all the informations related to transactions and profit earned from their dashboard. It can also be sent via email to the user when they make a request for it.

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