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What is Bitztrade?

Bitztrade is a crypto-currency investment company which came into existance in the year 2016. Bitztrade runs a platform which deals in crypto-currency tradeing, loans and investments, With the aim of generating maximum profit in all investments in order to satisfy its numerous investors.

Who manages the investment portfolio?

The accounts department of bitztrade controls and manages the investment portfolio of each investor

where can i read about the terms and conditions?

Refer to our policy page

can i lose money by investing here?

The safety of your investment is guaranted, our team of crypto-currency experts are the best and they trade in the most secure markets, making sure that all investments are profitable.

How can i get paid from the platform?

Every investor's Return of investment is sent to their individual bitcoin wallet address at the end of the trading period.

Can i Use the same bitcoin wallet address For multiple investment plans?

Yes ,you can

Can i make money without investing ?

you can earn by referring an individual to the platform.

I can't find the answer to my questions

contact our support department for answers to further questions

What is the minimum and maximum investment plan

The minimum amount of investment is $50 ,and the maximum amount an individual can invest is $100,000

What is the minimum amount i can withdraw?

You can with withdraw any amount at the end of the trading period

How fast can my withdrawal be sent to me?

24hours after your withdraw request have been sent

Do You charge Any fees To withdraw funds?

we donot charge any fee for withdrawal

I cannot access my account, because i Lost my password. what should i do?

click on the reset password button below the log in page and a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address used in creating the account.

where can I buy bitcoin?

The following platforms are the best places to purchase bitcoin.




Do i get profit every day, even on weekends?

Our investors receive their profits on a daily basis.

I want to invest bitcoin, but i do not have account. where can i register?

create an account below Sign up and fill out the form
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